For all my junior beginner piano students I use the John Thompson "Easiest Piano Course" series of text books. They are engaging, easy to understand and landscape orientated for easier handling at the piano. 


I use many visualisation tools to keep younger kids engaged and learning.  Some of these including a keyboard indicated placed on the keyboard and flash cards for memory games. 


I always reserve the last few minutes for students to choose their favourite activity.  This keeps them motivated and we end on a good note.





Tuition fees are paid on a Term basis and follow the NSW School Term dates.  Fees are invoiced and due at the beginning of each term according to the number of weeks in that term. 


Fees can be paid online through bank transfer.  Exercise books will be arranged for you and included in your invoice.

Missed Lessons

During the current term if you (or child) can no longer attend, is sick, or away for any reason the term fees are non-refundable and missed lessons are forfeited. Every effort is made to accommodate makeup lessons during the same term provided 24 hours notice is given and there is space available.   Makeup lessons are therefore not guaranteed.