Peta's piano career started at the ripe age of two -  her parents discovered she had taught herself to play "Twinkle Little Star" on her toy keyboard.  With such an obvious ear for music her talents were nurtured by her Grandmother who was also a private piano teacher.  At four years old she started formal piano lessons and this quickly moved to several days a week to foster her natural ability.


Living in Canberra, she was accepted into Phillip College's music program and completed her AMEB practical and musicianship exams at the Canberra School of Music.   She has been a member of several choirs and orchestral bands playing clarinet and guitar, and was also a member of the Canberra Youth Orchestra playing the bassoon.  In her more recent years she was lead vocals in the band "The Nazdaqed and the All Ordinaries" performing for corporate gigs in Sydney.


Peta knows what it takes to succeed.  Having danced classical ballet and calisthenics during her youth she embarked on a new dance challenge as an adult with Physical Culture (Physi) where she won the state championship in 2009 as a Junior Lady in her 2nd year of performing with the Edith Parsons School of Physical Culture.  


She has a natural ear for music and is experienced in working with children.  Peta gets the best out of her students by drawing on their own individuality to instil a love of music.


Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter.

Try again. Fail again.  Fail better.


Stan Wawrinka.